About Keith Kosco

In Williamsburg, Virginia, Keith Kosco works as a sales and marketing professional. At Pool Brokers USA, an in-ground fiberglass pool company with a presence in 33 states throughout the United States, Kosco presently holds the position of Marketing Director.

Kosco, a seasoned manager who is an authority in sales and marketing, draws on his wealth of knowledge to link customers with high-quality pool goods and solutions that suit their demands and way of life.

Keith Kosco has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities as a results-driven marketing and sales strategist with the commitment, concentration, and talent to quickly connect customers with high-quality, reasonably priced solutions.

In addition to receiving plaudits from peers and delighted customers throughout the nation, Kosco's track record for offering client-first solutions and world-class customer service has regularly led to bottom-line development for his team and his business.